About us


Michael J. Allen Architect & Chartered Building Surveyor established practice in Kells, Co. Meath in 1972. The practice has been professionally maintained since then. The practice is registered with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. The R.I.A.I. is the representative body for professionally qualified Architects in Ireland. The use of the title ‘Architect' is registered and the R.I.A.I. are charged to establish a register of Architects in Ireland.

The practice is Architect led by Michael Allen, backed up with professional administration. The office avails of up to date digital technology as part of the design and administration process, including computer aided design technology. Our Clients are provided with personal and professional attention. We hold a professional relationship with all necessary consultants, Structural Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Planning Consultants, Traffic Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Building Energy Assessors (domestic and commercial) and Archaeologists. All are available to our practice as required.

Michael Allen is a registered Architect, Building Surveyor and Chartered Environmentalist, holding membership with the following professional bodies:

M.R.I.A.I. Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland 
M.S.C.S.I. Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland
F.A.S.I. Architecture & Surveying Institute
F.C.I.O.B. Chartered Institute of Building
C. Env. Society for the Environment 


When deciding on an Architect to assist you, there are many matters to consider including the following:

Is the Architect qualified? The title 'Architect' is protected and a registration body will determine that all professional Architects are registered with the Registration Body, being the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (R.I.A.I.). Planning and architectural services are offered by a variety of offices and persons holding complementary qualifications. Ensure that your valued instructions are placed with a suitably qualified Architect.

Is the Architect insured? Always confirm that the practice you consult carries or holds adequate Professional Indemnity insurance. You may request sight of the policy details.

Will I receive personal attention? The Architect should in all cases take your first appointment and determine the extent of your instructions. Various matters relating to your file will then be attended to by the persons professionally qualified to do so, for example, Administrator, Surveyor, Engineer, Planning Consultant, Traffic Engineer, or Environmental Scientist. Regular consultations with the Architect will bring you up-to-date on your instructions.

Is your Architect a specialist? A number of Architects specialise in housing only and others in industrial and commercial projects. Others specialise in conservation work. Although Architects are educated in and familiar with all disciplines, you should satisfy yourself that your Architect is fully familiar with, and experienced in dealing with your particular project. A typical example would be an Architect practising industrial architecture only, in a large city. Such a practice may not be interested in designing a simple extension to a dwelling in a rural location.

Where can I find a list of qualified Architects? A full listing of Architects on a county and name basis is available on the R.I.A.I. website, for your convenience the following link will direct you to the R.I.A.I. website: www.riai.ie

How much will it cost? Clients are always concerned about costs and rightly so. On occasions, Clients will telephone and seek a fee estimate in the first instance. It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate without knowing the extent of the project. The Architect should discuss the professional costs involved on a first appointment and agree, where possible, the fees in advance; together with the method and stages of payment. All outgoings must be included. On agreement, the Architect will confirm the fee scale in writing and draw up a simple contract for signature.

How long will it take? If the instructions include lodging a planning application, please remember that the process is complicated and time consuming. Depending on the extent and nature of the project, your Architect will indicate an approximate time scale for his/her work. In all cases it is the Architects responsibility to maintain regular communication during the design and planning process.

We wish you success on your design and planning journey!