We provide a comprehensive range of services at reasonable cost to include the following. An array of fee payment options is available by agreement.

  • Design service for individual dwellings, housing developments, community housing, house extensions and refurbishment.
  • Design service for industrial buildings, business parks, office developments, shops and warehousing, community facilities, medical facilities, public houses, restaurants and hotels.
  • Planning applications and appeals for all of the design services offered including pre-planning submissions, local needs applications and advice in relation to rural housing applications.
  • We can obtain, locate and provide landholding details and carry out landholding searches via the Property Registration Authority.
  • We have a mapping agent from whom we can order Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Building surveying for energy assessments, refurbishment, extensions, structural surveys, landlord and tenant disputes.
  • *Opinion of Compliance with (or without) Planning Permission & Building Regulations
  • *Opinion of Exemption.
  • Legal surveys, legal mapping, Property Registration Authority mapping, land area calculations, and expert witness.
  • Pre-development opinion, retention applications, concept design schedules, snag reports.

*Your Solicitor may write to your requesting an Opinion of Compliance (sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Compliance) in relation to your property.

What is an Opinion of Compliance? When the construction of your dwelling is completed, when you extend your dwelling or when you sell your property, a Solicitor will request such an opinion. The opinion will embody evidence of the extent you have complied with the conditions attached to your Planning Permission. The completion of such an opinion involves the attendance of your Architect at the offices of the Local Authority to search the planning file and a visit to the site to determine the extent of compliance. A legal document is then drawn and forwarded to your Solicitor.

All buildings constructed after June 1992 will also require an Opinion of Compliance with the Building Regulations. These opinions allow your Solicitor to register title to the property. If you have extended your dwelling, a Planning Permission will be required unless you have extended entirely to the rear of the dwelling only and come within the allowable floor area for Exempted Development. An Opinion of Exemption (sometimes referred to as an Exemption Certificate) will be required in such cases and will be drawn by your Architect if appropriate and following a site inspection.

Domestic Planning Services include:

  • Dwelling Design
  • Building Specification
  • Domestic Garage Design
  • Horse Stable Design
  • Agricultural Building Design
  • Site Location Map
  • Site Layout Plan
  • Landscaping Proposal
  • Preparation of Application Forms and accompanying documents
  • Preparation of Local Need Applications and accompanying supporting documents
  • Public Newspaper & Site Notices
  • Landholding details
  • Submission & monitoring of Planning Applications to decision stage